Welcome to Zöld Zengő farm!

We’re situated in Hosszúhetény, the largest village of Baranya county. The name of the farm translates to Green Zengő, Zengő being the mountain peak that the farm lies underneath, also depicted in our logo.

“Nature is a clean system, it only offers clean answers.”

This thought by Albert Szent-Györgyi sums up the attitude and vision that Zöld Zengő farm stands for. Presently operating on appr. 4,5 hektares, the farm has since its “birth” in 2008 been home to nature-friendly, pesticide-free, non-invasive agricultural techniques and solutions. Founder Tamás Deák set out with the vision of a farm with a living ecosystem, many trees, healthy soil and biodiversity.

The journey towards this vision hasn’t been the easiest: the farm lies on the southern slopes of the mountain, with difficult clay soils that had been drained of much of their lives by the intensive vineyard practices that used to be typical to this area. Another challenge is the saving and keeping of the rainwater on the slopes.

The farm consists of different plots and functions: an elm-based forest garden with fruit tress, presently in the process of natural forestation; an elm-based forest garden using the chop&drop method, which serves as the initiating phase for a walnut orchard; an elderberry plantation; a fig plantation; various mixed fruit plots including pear, grape, apricot, apple, cherry, sour cherry, hazelnut, almond, quince, raspberry; some grazing plots with mixed pasture for our animals.

All of the area is completely free of pesticides and fertilizers. The methods and techniques used are inspired by various alternative agriculture attitudes and solutions, including permaculture, regenerative agriculture, agroforestry.

Our mission is two-fold: producing organic and clean food for the market, and providing education and training opportunities in the subject of clean and natural agricultural techniques and self-sustainability.